Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alexis Dos Santos' UNMADE BEDS opens at Lincoln Plaza & the IFC Center

As messy as its title would indicate -- and just as warm and fragrant -- UNMADE BEDS, the second full-length feature from Alexis Dos Santos, gets a much-deserved theatrical run here in New York City, beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, September 2, at the IFC Center and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.

When TrustMovies first saw the film last March at the FSLC's New Direc-
tors/New Films
series, he was delighted and moved by it. Thinking about it again, the movie seems even better, and he can't wait to view it a second time.

Señor Dos Santos (shown above) captures youth -- its messiness, charm, beauty and vulnerability-- as well as any young filmmaker out there. The combination of its Argentine director, London setting and wide array of countries from which its cast of characters comes gives Unmade Beds a wonderfully international feel, as does the immense, loft-like squatter-space full of found objects in which these kids live. The sense of "one world" is palpable -- as is the idea of sexuality being a bit more boundary-free than some might imagine. This, too, seems part of the Dos Santos philosophy, given what occurs here and in his earlier, must-see movie Glue.

TrustMovies covered Unmade Beds at greater length last March (click here for the original post) -- at which time he was uncertain the film would be seen again. Thanks to IFC, it's getting a theatrical run and probably a life On-Demand and DVD, as well. Take a chance on this one, film buffs.


Jotta.com said...

Can’t wait to see this up on the big screen.. Hopefully will leave us with a strong and lasting artefact of contemporary East London..
They’ve got a great competition on, involving a luxury hotel designed by Terence Conran and a private gallery tour: http://www.jotta.com/magazine/outabout/518/unmade-beds

TrustMovies said...

Hmmm... Sounds like they're doing more with the movie in London, PR-wise, than they did with it here in NYC. But, then, it's set in London, so why not? Enjoy. It's a good one!

TrustMovies said...

This is a great idea, DDD! I hope it gets a lot of attention and coin. If I were only younger and still making money, I'd contribute. (I may anyway, just to show some support for our Alexis....)

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TrustMovies said...

OK, man and van London: Even though your "comment" is a transparent plug for your business, I'll publish it. What the hell: We ALL need work these days....

John said...

I am really grateful for your understanding and tolerance.
You are right - we all need a job and I like everyone else am trying to do mine.

Thank you James.

Best Regards
John of Man and van London