Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving: See a movie but keep your turkeys for the table

Since so many of us are talking turkey, I was going to use today's post to point out some of the year's biggest birds, movie-wise. But I feel I've already said enough about Anti Christ.

So, before I retire to the kitchen (or rather, head for Manhattan to pick up from Whole Foods what used to be prepared -- well, more or less -- in our home), I'll use my brief time left to offer you links to a few of TrustMovies' reviews "elsewhere."

Because there have been a number of excellent DVDs released lately (and one of the below not so lately), here are a few I'd recommend, each with a link to one of my recent posts at GreenCine, where I cover a new DVD weekly at GC's Guru site.

Among my favorites -- and a big surprise -- is one that's been hanging out on my Netflix and Greencine queues for what seems like ages. I couldn't even remember what had induced me to queue the movie in the first place. Now, having seen PROTEUS (a still from which is shown above), I am so glad I did. You can learn more here about this documentary that manages, in but one hour, to combine science and art to beautiful, intelligent effect.

If you can't seem to get enough movies about immigrants to America, you might want to take in PARAISO TRAVEL, a kind of Sin Nombre-lite that's enjoyable and lively, if not quite memorable. A more complete review is here.

Are you aware of the amazing "design" that's all around you? Watch OBJECTIFIED, and you will be. This smart and expansive documentary will be a must see for anyone who loved Helvetica, and if you haven't watched that one, either (about a typeface, yet!), then you've got two fine Gary Hustwit films to look forward to. The complete Objectified review is here.
That's it, folks. Got to go pick up the dinner. Happy turkey-ing to all!

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