Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chan fils on DVD in THE DRUMMER: Mayhem, Martial Arts & Film Movement?

TrustMovies was going to post about a new straight-to-DVD out this week: THE DRUMMER, starring Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan (shown at right: note the resemblance).

But then he decided to give the review instead to GreenCine, as his weekly outing on its GURU site (you can read the full review here).

The Drummer ought to prove worth your time -- a mash-up of genres (competing Triad crime bosses to chunks of Eastern philosophy) that works surprisingly well and, thanks to writer/
director Kenneth Bi, is one gorgeous movie to view.  It's available today for sale from Film Movement (that's right: excepting its quality, the film is nothing like that distribution company's usual fare), and for rent via Greencine and elsewhere.

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