Friday, April 9, 2010

On-Demand: Bryan Poyser's LOVERS OF HATE via SXSW and IFC

Mumblecore starts screaming in LOVERS OF HATE, a movie executive-produced by (among others) the Duplass brothers. The arguments arrive pretty much non-stop and often occur with the volume raised. And yet the film is a rather genre-less type. You could call it a dark comedy, but it's also a non-love story, as its three lead characters, however much they try, seem nearly incapable of any real amour. Too light-
weight for a drama, the movie certainly has elements of a mystery thriller, and you'll be amused by some of the clever changes it rings on the old scenario of the "secret intruder in the house."

Written and directed by Bryan Poyser (shown at left, who also made Dear Pillow), the movie -- painless to watch and relatively short -- is most of all about brotherly hate, which is here raised a notch or two above what you may yet have encountered. Jealousy that spikes during a visit of one brother (a highly successful writer of boys' fantasy/
adventure books who's pretty much a loner) to the other (the forever unsuccessful sibling who, at least, is married to an attractive women) sets off the latest competition.

The film moves from the flatlands to a gated resort area of Park City, where the wealthier bro has a mountain home. Here, we're treated to some low high-jinks involving two people who do not realize that a third is on the premises -- leading to some weighty question such as, What do you do when you can't flush the toilet because someone might hear? The ensuing complications are pretty funny-- if a little gross.

Zach Green is charming in the small role of a guard at the gated community. Otherwise the movie is completely dominated by its three leads, and quite good each one proves to be. Chris Doubek (seen on the poster at top and two photos up) plays the harried and harassing failure, Heather Kafka (above, right) is his none-too-faithful wife, and Alex Karpovsky (above, left) is the successful and pompous brother.  Mr Karpovsky, who can also be seen in the just-released-to-DVD Beeswax, appears to be quite good at staying just this side of sleazy in his semi-romantic roles.

Lovers of Hate, which made its debut at the recent SXSW fest, is available now On-Demand via IFC's Festival Direct program. Click here for the how and where to get it.

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