Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big News About a Little Movie: Now YOU can see the best short of the new year!

UPDATE:  the contest (see below) is over, and although Toute Ma Vie received the most hits, it was not the winner.  But -- good news -- you can still watch this absolutely amazing (and, as my daughter calls it, "hauntingly beautiful") little film for another month by clicking here. So if you haven't yet seen it, go to it!

A month or two back TrustMovies was posting about a program of french "shorts" shown as part of the FSLC Rendez-vous With French Cinema, and in particular one film he thought was simply brilliant: the best five minutes of celluloid -- economical, smart, shocking, beautifully acted and gorgeous to view -- he's seen in a long, long while.  (Read the original post here.)   Now, he has just heard from that film's director, Pierre Ferrière, that TOUTE MA VIE (The Story of My Life) is representing France in an international online contest organized by the National Film Board of Canada, in association with YouTube and in collaboration with the Cannes Short Film Corner during the Cannes Film Festival.

Anyone can watch the ten films that are the finalists in this contest, so take a look at this superb short, watch the others and then cast a vote for your favorite. How? Just click this link, and follow the usual YouTube directions.

One caveat. I first saw this film on the wonderful Walter Reade Theater screen. On YouTube, it's a lesser experience. But since I don't know how else you'll get to see this little gem, click away --  and then vote!

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