Sunday, June 6, 2010

Open Roads: Alessandro Angelini's film RAISE YOUR HEAD makes its NYC debut

It had to happen, right?   After praising this year's FSLC festival of new Italian films as one without (yet) a single "miss" in the bunch, TrustMovies has finally seen a less-then-stellar movie: RAISE YOUR HEAD (starring popular actor Sergio Castellitto, above), the director and co-writer of which, Alessandro Angelini, was present to introduce the film and promised to appear post-movie for a Q&A.

To meet deadlines (and perhaps force himself not to ask any negative questions), TM beat a hasty retreat as the lights came up at the Walter Reade theater. Consequently, he does not have a precis of what Signore Angelini had to say to the questions asked. You can find my review of the film here (click and scroll down) -- in the one-time round-up of the entire Open Roads festival.

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