Saturday, October 23, 2010

BRIGADE, new ahead-of-the-curve agency for PR/marketing/creative, finally blooms; plus other qualified movie-publicity sources

I'm doing something different with this post, giving a shout-out to a recently-formed firm that I and my colleagues have been dealing with for some time already (while the company was finding its sea legs, so to speak) and will be dealing with more often in future, it appears. Those of us who cover movies rely on the publicists that film distributors (and sometime the filmmakers themselves) hire to get the word out -- and then the films themselves, via screenings or screeners. BRIGADE, the name of this new company, seems a little different than others. Here's the scoop -- in pretty much the words of the company's founders:

BRIGADE -- a next-generation publicity, digital marketing & creative agency -- announces its official launch. The three-man group presently handles traditional publicity and full-service digital campaigns for theatrical, television, home entertainment and video-on-demand releases as well as film festival and talent / filmmaker publicity strategy.

Currently working with more than a dozen film and TV distributors in various capacities, Brigade has an initial client list that includes Anchor Bay, CBS Television, Elephant Eye, Film Buff / Cinetic Rights Management, IFC Films, Lionsgate, MPI Media Group, Phase 4 Films, Relativity Films, Roadside Attractions, Screen Media, Sony Pictures Classics and Universal Pictures as well as a number of independently released films, filmmakers and talent.

Brigade's founders (who double as its three-man team) include marketing executive Tom Cunha, veteran publicist Adam Kersh, and social media strategist Jean McDowell. Collectively, they bring to their firm more than three decades of studio & agency experience.

Adam Kersh heads up the traditional publicity division including films, filmmakers, festivals and talent representation. Formerly a publicist for Lionsgate and 42 West Public Relations, he has devised campaigns for award-winning films such as Armando Iannucci's IN THE LOOP, Lynn Shelton's HUMPDAY and Sarah Polley's AWAY FROM HER. Kersh also previously worked for Warner Bros. and the Writers Guild Foundation in Los Angeles. Speak, Adam: "We anticipate that the 'next-generation' model we've created for our agency will articulate the future that entertainment marketers and publicists are already embracing and moving towards. Our forward-looking tactics will beautifully serve both traditional publicity and digital marketing for large studios, television networks, specialty distributors and independent filmmakers alike."

Tom Cunha and Jean McDowell oversee the digital marketing division which concentrates on publicity, promotions, social media, media planning as well as promotional web sites, banner ads and viral applications. Cunha is a highly accomplished digital marketing executive, having headed up the interactive division of Mammoth, where he spearheaded various projects including THE QUEEN, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, PRECIOUS and PROJECT RUNWAY. He also worked in digital marketing at MGM Studios and 20th Century Fox and as an Assistant Editor for Movieline. Over to you, Tom:  "Our goal is to maintain a comprehensive expertise of the ever-changing digital landscape as well as an understanding of the current evolving nature of marketing and publicity as a whole. This enables us to serve our clients effectively in either integrated or a la carte capacities."

Jean McDowell began his career in media at Rock the Vote working on the non-profit's innovative online voter registration program. Transitioning from the non-profit sector to entertainment, he also served as the Director of Digital Media for Lionsgate's theatrical marketing team and most recently as an Account Director at Special Ops Media. OK, Jean: You get the last word: "Most importantly, we're extremely passionate about marketing and publicizing a variety of unique entertainment properties. The digital and social media space in particular, allows us to explore some of the most targeted and creative methods of campaign execution."

BRIGADE will also be servicing clients from an integrated online/offline approach where applicable, executing comprehensive campaigns for entertainment-industry clientele by seamlessly fusing traditional tactics with new digital and social media channels. Headquartered in New York City, the firm has account executives and support staff in both New York and Los Angeles.  All photos above are by Hailey Eber, courtesy of Brigade.


As Trust Movies readies this post, he does realize that it may seem as though he is recommending this new group.  And so he is -- but no more than he would recommend any of the other fine publicists that he and his colleagues deal with. To a man (and just as often, a woman), they are all terrific "providers" of a service that we reviewers/critics/bloggers could hardly do without. Better yet, they all manage to have their "special" place in this universe -- with specific attitudes, interests and/or ideas that each seems to manage best of all. These firms/individuals include (in alphabetical order, of course):

42 West (and its enormous staff)
Michael Berlin
Jonah Blechman
Lori de Waal
Sidney Falco (and its staff)
Brian Geldin
Sophie Gluck
Jessi Hector at Goldest Egg
Inclusive PR
Murphy PR
Susan Norget
Julia Pacetti
Pure Publicity
Susan Senk

If I've left out someone out from the above fourteen sources (and I'm sure I have), just let me know and, if I've dealt with you efficiently, I'll include you -- and maybe even write about you.  It'd be fun -- and edifying -- to point out what's special about you all.

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