Saturday, November 20, 2010

On DVD: a smart, funny and inquiring documentary, which we covered earlier...

THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE -- a movie that TrustMovies was quite fond of earlier this year is just now coming out on DVD. The street date is this Tuesday, November 23, and here's the review and interview with the writer/director that TM posted when the film hit theaters last June.

Filmmaker Roger Nygard wants readers to know that anyone who enjoyed his film in theaters and wants to learn more has that chance now -- as the film comes to DVD, available in several ways, including a mammoth, seven-disc set. Zowie! (If there's anything left to learn about the nature of existence after you've watched all seven discs, do let us know.)

You can find the DVD at Nygard's website, or via Amazon, or from your favorite DVD seller (if s/he is still in business). But Nygard's website is the only place to find the companion set, at least for the time being. Further, there's a secret code that'll get you $20 off the price of the seven-disc set: DVD7DXA9. Just input that code into the coupon line when you "checkout" on the site, and you'll get the reduced price.

On the store page there is a description of each disc, and a kind of table-of-contents including the topics covered on each disc.

The Nature of Existence is available in these formats -- for the following prices:

Format: DVD & Blu-ray
Running Time: DVD (1 Disc) – 94 Minutes (Plus 32 Minutes of Special
Special DVD Collector’s Set (2 Discs) & Blu-ray (1 Disc) – 94 Minutes
(Plus 114 Minutes of Special Features)
Companion Discs DVD only (7 Discs) – 2 hours each, 14 hours total

DVD – $24.95
Special DVD Collector’s Set (2 Discs) – $29.95
Companion Discs -- $24.99 each
7 Disc Set $119.00 ($99 with the discount code: see above)

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