Wednesday, January 19, 2011

STRAIGHT-TO-VIDEO: Joe Maggio's BITTER FEAST pits chef against food critic

As some of you already know, I still cover film -- new DVD releases -- for once weekly. This week it's the new revenge thriller BITTER FEAST, that arrives with quite the indie-film provenance: writer/director Joe Maggio, who gave us the wonderful Virgil Bliss (2001) and interesting Paper Covers Rock (2008); a cast of indie pros like James LeGros, who’s coming up on a 30-year career of mostly independent film and TV, in which he’s always good and often charismatic; Joshua Leonard, so different here from his work in last year’s Humpday; the lovely Amy Seimetz, currently on a roll, after Alexander the Last, Tiny Furniture and Open Five; and producer/co-star Larry Fessenden, who’s always fun to watch (I Sell the Dead, Wendy and Lucy) and whose production company Glass Eye Pix has given us some wonderful little “scare” movies of late. My opinion of the result of all this talent blended into a chef-gets-revenge-on-food-critic thriller (in which even Mario Batali makes an appearance) can be found at the GreenCine site here.

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