Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Computer Virus Halts TrustMovies -- temporarily, he hopes

Beware the "System Tool" and its promise to protect your PC. And whatever you do, don't follow its instructions to purchase certain necessary software that your computer desperately needs.

My computer no longer works at all, so until things are repaired, somewhat, at least, TrustMovies will be on hiatus. He apologizes to those films and directors (and the PR people who represent them) he had promised to interview and/or cover, and he hopes to be back on track soon....


Anthony L said...

Don't overlook the possibility that the GoBack facility built into Windows recently (in Vista and 7, at least) may save you quite rapidly, James, by reversing your system back to a day before you encountered your glitch, if the thing has been operating and backing up what it needs as it is meant to. If so it will take only an hour or two and you will be free of your virus or other damage to the OS.


TrustMovies said...

Somebody else mentioned that to me, as well, Anthony. What I ended up doing was going into Windows "Safe" mode, in which I was able to download the free version of Malwarebytes' Anti-malware, which took care of the virus. Thank god for the safe mode; I couldn't accomplish anything without it. Next time I will try that Go-back-a-day feature. How sci-fi!