Thursday, June 9, 2011

BURZYNSKI documentary streams for free this weekend -- June 11-13. It's important: See it!

For any of you -- all of you -- who didn't see, upon its theatrical release, one of the most important documentaries of the past couple of years -- BURZYNSKI -- this fine film will be streaming FREE this weekend from June 11-13.  To go along with a big email blast via the popular medical website, the filmmaker, Eric Merola (I know: it's sound like Mercola) will be streaming the film for free on his website and on the Mercola website for 72 hours. Even if you originally saw the DVD, the updated film has some new surprises in it -- in the Texas Medical Board section and the NCI/Pharma section. Eric will also be offering a huge discount on DVDs during this period, should you want to purchase a copy. To see the film, go to this website after midnight, tomorrow: To be more exact, let's say starting at 12:01 AM on Saturday, June 11.

You can also hear an interview with the filmmaker on Dr. Oz (click here), and/or read a review of it on Dr. Mercola's blog here.

Whatever you do, see this fascinating, hopeful and anger-provoking documentary -- please!

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