Saturday, August 20, 2011

TrustMovies is taking a hiatus -- as he gets his knee replaced and learns to walk again

Well, that's what comes of being 70 and very tall. As I have had this experience once before, eight years ago, with the other knee, I sort of know what to expect.  But as I don't know for certain that I will have access to the Internet during the next two weeks, from either the hospital or the rehab center after the operation, I'll have to post whenever I get the opportunity.

In the upcoming week I am supposed to cover Brighton Rock, Circumstance, Our Idiot Brother, Special Treatment and Tucker & Dale vs Evil, so I dearly hope that I will not let these movies down (though one of them, at least, let me down). I am thinking -- while remembering that last knee replacement -- that watching, pondering and then writing about these films might help keep the post-operative pain at bay. We shall see....  (And I will post again just as soon as I am able.)

Images courtesy of the site Total Knee Replacement: Photos
Sorry if this is a tad too graphic. But I find it interesting. And, as I was conked out for the first operation, and will be again for the second, I am happy to now be able to see just what happened.  
Gosh -- ain't the Internet grand? 
It puts you in touch with so many things!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck and quick healing!

John Dhabolt

a fog of ideas said...

woah! the very best wishes for your knee op, james, and best wishes for a speedy recovery too!

TrustMovies said...

Thanks, guys! Appreciate your good wishes. Will be back in touch when I can -- I hope no more than a day or two after the op.