Saturday, February 4, 2012

Must-see DVD: Abe Sylvia's DIRTY GIRL proves just as good the 2nd time around

If you missed its (very) limited theatrical release (most people did), don't miss seeing DIRTY GIRL on DVD. My original review is here, so I'll make this reminder short. Abe Sylvia's wonderfully energetic, spacious, full-of-laughs-and-charm "buddy road trip" featuring the "dirty girl" of the title and her fat, gay friend is simply the most fun you're going to find on film for a long while. The two leads are splendid: Juno Temple (below, left) in what would have been a star-making performance if enough of us has seen the film, and Jeremy Dozier (below, right), who is so very good (funny, original and real), once he sheds some poundage, he might be quite the ladies' (or men's) man. (Even if he remains the plum little puss he is here, this guy's a keeper.)

Writer/director Sylvia does wonders with his kids -- who need some parental love and approval (and in one case, simply a father), and who bond, fight, help, hurt, and through it all, grow. And his cast of circling adults-- including Mary Steenburgen (below, right), Dwight Yoakam, Milla Jovovich (below, left) and William H. Macy -- are top of the line. The ending, shamelessly feel-good (and I wouldn't have it any other way), should have you walking on air. The movie's music, too, is aces -- particularly if you're a Melissa Manchester fan.

Right now, the only place I can find Dirty Girl is via Netflix. Blockbuster didn't bother to stock it, and even at my little local video store, they hadn't heard of it. Shameful. This movie is so worth seeking out. So seek -- until ye find.

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