Saturday, August 10, 2013

DOMAIN's Patric Chiha goes crowd-funding on his latest -- re gays, aging and friendship

Normally TM doesn't give space to anything but coverage of films that his readers can actually view, but occasionally -- as with a new project from Plan B's Marco Berger -- he'll bite the bullet and give over to the plea of a filmmaker or even another critic who is refurbishing his video store. So, in that spirit, this post will clue you in to a new crowd-funding project from Patric Chiha (shown at left and below), who a few years back gave us the interesting Domain (earlier posts on that film can be found here and here).

M. Chiha is currently trying to fund a new project that is, according to the email I just received from his producer, a gay comedy about friendship and Frenchmen in the middle of the Austrian mountains. Its themes: getting old and trying to put some order in your life. This sounds worth pursuing to me, and maybe it will to some of you, too. So if you're feeling a little flush these days -- money-wise, not feverish -- consider helping along this talented French-by-way-of-Lebanese filmmaker.

You can learn more about him and his project (above) by clicking here (for the English version) and here (for the French). For you English-speakers, be sure to turn on the captions on the YouTube bar to get sub-titles for what Patric is telling us. Bonne chance to all contributors -- and to Patric and his producer!

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