Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Guillaume Gallienne's ME. MYSELF AND MUM returns to FIAF for its current comedy series

When the César-winning Best Film of the Year, ME. MYSELF AND MUM, first appeared at FIAF back in 2014, TrustMovies suggested a look-see at this stylish, funny and oddly ground-breaking-yet-cliched look at the perception of being gay in France today (or, at least, fairly recently). The multi-award-winning movie is back again this year as part of FIAF's  new CinéSalon series, Comedy on Film: What makes the French laugh?

If you did not take a gander at the film first time around (or if you did, you might just want to take another look), please do so, because it has probably aged well and may prove even better on repeated viewings. M. Gallienne (shown above), who not only directed the film and adapted it (with a couple of co-scribes) from his successful stage play, also stars in it, playing both himself (as everything from schoolboy, below, left, to adult, above) and his very bizarre mother (shown at bottom, left).

I covered the film at length when it made its FIAF debut three years ago, so I won't take up too much more space now (you can read that original review by clicking here). But what Gallienne accomplishes proves not just very funny but bracing and thought-provoking regarding how our perceptions, true or not, so often limit and/or change the lives of those around us.

Me, Myself and Mum (its much better French title is Les garçons et Guillaume, à table!) will play FIAF's CinéSalon this coming Tuesday, January 17, at both 4pm and 7:30, with pleasant conversation and free wine and beer after both screenings. To see about venue and/or ticket availability, click here.

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