Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hong Kong filmmaker SCUD's latest, UTOPIANS, debuts from Breaking Glass

If you are a fan of copious nudity -- full-frontal and Asian -- you'll certainly want to take a gander at UTOPIANS, the newest film from an up-until-now-unknown-to-me filmmaker who goes by the name of SCUD. His film begins with our hero, a young student named Hins Gao, played by the cute, talented and nicely-endowed actor, Adonis He (below), in what appears to be his film debut, dreaming about bondage and arousal by both female and male (though sex with a man does seem to scare him a bit).

Not to worry. Our young hero, who also fantasizes entire rooms in which normally fully-clothed folk are suddenly nude, is soon in the thrall of a new teacher named Antonio Ming (Jackie Chow) who tells the class all about ancient Greece and Socrates and man-on-man sex -- which annoys our hero's religious girlfriend (Fiona Wang) all to heck.

Our boy and his teacher are soon seeing a lot of each other, and while Ming's philosophy would appear to be "indulge in all kinds of sexuality 'cause it's so good for you," most of what we see is homo, with a bit of bi on the side. No matter. Adonis (who does indeed make quite an Adonis) is getting what he wants and so is his very sexy teacher.

SCUD, pictured at right, is rather like a Radley Metzger (if Mr. Metzger were gay and Asian), determined to show us the joy of sex and letting go -- even if, as in this case, it leads to a morals charge for poor Mr. Ming and then a court case that involves his student, the student's mother and some past history that has to do with birth dates and parentage.

There's coincidence aplenty here, together with silliness and sexuality. But there is also a rather lovely kind of innocence at work (and play) that you may find, as did I, quite disarming. Also, if you're not adverse to nudity and sex that's straight, gay and bi -- complete with one scene featuring Mr. He engaging in masturbation with a very erect cock -- there is certainly enough to keep you alert visually.

SCUD does seem to take the idea of Utopia pretty seriously. Well, he's still young and his philosophy, I'm afraid, is not exactly what you'd call deep. But he certainly knows how to make a very pleasant, attractive soft- (and sometimes hard-) core movie with a game cast and enough plot devices to keep one hooked.

So buckle up (or maybe unbuckle) and let yourself go. If you're young, Utopians will take you places you may not yet have been, and for us older folk, it'll arouse nice memories and maybe even something a little more, ummm, solid.

From Breaking Glass Pictures and running 94 minutes, the movie makes its DVD/VOD debut this coming Tuesday, May 2 -- for purchase and/or rental.

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