Sunday, June 9, 2019

Warning: The latest GODZILLA movie is bad enough to put the franchise to bed--for good--

but the irony here is that the cast assembled for this one is as good as any in all of the rest of the Godzilla movies put together. Ah, well... GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS gets so little right -- from the woeful "science" at hand to the special effects that look second-hand, second-rate and way too dark (that last is the reason that the Jurassic Park series and Kong: Skull Island are so watchable: you can actually see what's going on!) to the tiresome script to the near-constant chaotic visuals and sound -- that, should you stick to movie out until the end, you might find ushers handing out congratulatory You-actually-sat-through-it! awards in the lobby.

Since we paid for our tickets to this film, TrustMovies didn't feel at all guilty about leaving the mess of a movie around two-thirds of the way through. You would think that the fact that we were even sitting in those comfortable and ultra-reclining seats ought to have made the experience at least bearable. No: That's how bad this movie is.

Granted, the Godzilla franchise has always been silly (except for the original 1954 Japanese film--not the ridiculous "American-ized" version), never more so than when someone decided -- as here, again -- to toss in every last monster the old guy has ever faced off against. Motha, Rodan, some Hydra-headed thing, the works. Yet nothing does. Did someone say, The more the merrier? Hardly. This just adds to the length.

From Warner Brothers and running 132 minutes, the film is playing nationwide (but at less screenings than last week: word of mouth will out). Click here if you really want to find a theater near you.

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