Monday, October 26, 2020

The Utter-Crap-Award of the year goes to Sacha Baron Cohen's new BORAT bore

Oh, dear: What has the marriage of Candid Camera and Punk'd wrought?  Another piece of complete ordure from shitmeister Sacha Baron Cohen -- following his only-slightly-better original Borat movie and his recent overlong and overdone Who Is America cable series. His new BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM is as stupid and tiring as anything he's done so far but even more simple-minded and -- god, no! -- syrupy/sentimental (or maybe faux syrupy/sentimental, so its creator can, if necessary, get off the hook). 

must admit to enjoying Mr. Cohen, (shown on poster, top, in mask-wear) during his early British Ali G. days, which were fresher and a lot more fun. I also bow to the man's fine acting skills. He's terrific as Abbie Hoffman in Neflix's new THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 (which is one of 2020's best films with some of its best performances, by the way. Do not miss it), and Cohen has been excellent in any number of roles so far. But his misanthropy and repetitiveness reek and wreak so heavily in and on his recent filmmaking work that I would imagine only those who share his anger and way-too-ugly sense of humor will find much amusing here.

I admit to laughing a few times but was much more often bored and confused as to what the hell Cohen's real point might be. Making fun of us all is just fine but the right-wing, racist bigots he tries to show us (including the deranged Rudy Giuliani) come off as among the nicer and kinder folk this Borat offers up. Stupid they may be, but they're certainly polite and sometimes seem even rather pleasant. Cohen's impersonations, too, by the way, are growing ever more tired and tiresome.

Well, by all means try this one is you're a fan. Running 95 minutes, it's available now via Amazon Prime Video, -- which if you've already paid for this service anyway, remember that you are not required to actually finish watching the film.

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