Tuesday, June 30, 2009

THE BEACHES OF AGNES (Varda) opens at Film Forum; it's a wonder in so many ways

TrustMovies is breaking his cardinal rule about never posting more than once a day. But Agnès Varda's brilliant documentary, THE BEACHES OF AGNES, which won a César earlier this year, opens tomorrow, Wednesday, at New York's Film Forum and is a must-see. At least for Varda lovers and film buffs who appreciate the work of this unique filmmaker.

I can't quite imagine what newcomers to Ms Varda (shown above and below), who was one of the original members of the Nouvelle Vague, might make of it, however. But I'd love for them to take a chance. For the rest of us, this film -- and she -- are rare treasures. You'll end the movie likely feeling that she's become an old friend -- so well will you get to know her and her loves during the course of this bizarre, funny, moving, and wonderfully encompassing docu-
mentary that honors life, family, passion, work, and movies. Really: Can it get much better than that? And, oh-- the connections, both subtle and obvious, that this woman is able to effortlessly make!

I reviewed The Beaches of Agnès last March when it was shown at the FSLC's Rendezvous with French Cinema (click here for that post, then scroll down past Seraphine, another terrific, César-winning movie). As good as Varda's "Beaches" seemed four months ago, it has only grown more wonderful in retrospect.

You can find upcoming play-dates for The Beaches of Agnès (distributed by Cinema Guild) in cities across the country here.


GHJ - said...

Varda is one of my all time favorites. Can't wait for this.

TrustMovies said...

Is it coming to San Diego? That would be great - and might mean that the movie will have something of a limited, national roll-out.

GHJ - said...

I doubt it. But I can only hope. We usually have to wait for DVD with Varda.

TrustMovies said...

Bummer. But another reason to be grateful for DVDs. And Streaming, too, though I don't recall any mention of this "venue" by the film's distributor, Cinema Guild. I've amended my post to add upcoming playdates -- which don't include San Diego, unfortunately.