Friday, October 23, 2009

Those CASI DIVAS come to DVD!

Having just sat through the mainstream Mexican hit CASI DIVAS for a second time, I think I can fairly recommend the movie to you once again. TrustMovies saw it shortly before it opened for its brief US theatrical run last August. It proved just as entertaining on second viewing -- funny, savvy, and so much fun about talent, ambition, tele-novelas and lots of things Mexican, as it tell its story of four young women (among many) competing for the chance to become the next big Mexican movie star.

My original review is here. If you missed this one, as most of America did, do yourself a favor and discover one of the most sheerly enjoyable mainstream movies from any county over this past year. Post-viewing, if you found it as much fun as much as did we, watch some of the DVD extras: a round-up of very smart comments from the cast and (mostly) from the talented director Issa López.

Mexico, it would seem, is able to offer us both smart art films and fine mass audience product.

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