Thursday, December 24, 2009

At-home holiday viewing? Here's a DVD-don't: FOUR CHRISTMASES

My gosh -- it's Christmas Eve! So Merry Christmas to any of my readers disposed to have one. And late Happy Chanukah to readers of that persuasion (we celebrate both in our household).

Does TrustMovies have any happy holiday movie tips to offer? Not really -- except to bypass, if you have not already been suckered in to it -- FOUR CHRISTMASES (above), the recently-out-on-DVD lame-brainer of last year. Despite A.O. Scott's good review in The New York Times, which (because almost all the other reviews were so hateful, and we often agree with Mr. Scott) led us to try the film, we found it alternately stupid and distasteful, rarely funny and finally sappy -- not a good recipe for holiday joy. (Evidently most of the Times' readers felt closer to our assessment than to Mr. Scott's. Check out the comments on the page. Yikes!)

If you're in NYC, you can always hit the IFC Center for the annual showings of It's a Wonderful Life. But really, you don't need a movie about the holidays to enjoy the holidays. Any good film should suffice. Then go home and celebrate. Or go to bed. And dream...

Today's a short post, for I must get the beef stew into the slow cooker so that the extended family -- kid, grandkids, in-laws! -- will have their nourishment tomorrow.

Till next time...

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