Monday, March 12, 2012

TrustMovies departs New York City for L.A. (Don't worry: It's only a two-week hiatus)

TM is from Los Angeles, after all, and he hasn't been back there in five or six years. So friends, and whatever relatives remain alive, beckon. He's taking his laptop, some screeners and a few press releases with him, but how many he can get watched, reviewed and posted is questionable. We shall see. You will hear from him again, as soon and as often as possible....

The photo, top --- Hollywoodland back then, before they changed the sign to the simpler Hollywood -- was cribbed from the web, and I could find no identification for it, while the photo above is of the rendering of an artist, Robert J. Adragna, with his conception of Hollywood... well, when, exactly? I'd say it's a lovely fantasy of the place, which has never looked so lush and verdant. (To learn more about Mr. Adragna and his work, you can also click here.)

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