Friday, October 10, 2014

Streaming: CITIZEN KOCH delves into damage the Koch brothers have inflicted on the USA...

For those of you who don't completely keep up with all the ways in which our government (Democracts and Republicans), big money, lobbyists, corporations and our Supreme Court are destroying what little "democracy" we have left -- and who can blame you: it's fucking depressing! -- then what you'll learn from the documentary CITIZEN KOCH from filmmakers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal (pictured below, left to right) may be news and will surprise you. Much of what I saw here struck me as fairly old news, though I found the film worth seeing.

I think I expected more about the actual brothers themselves, rather than with the ways in which what they support and represent is helping to weaken the country and hand it over to the moneyed class. This, of course, is very important, and would include everything from ALEC to the Koch-sponsored annual "getaways," during which the rich and powerful meet and discuss their plans for America. Still, the movie seemed to me a little unfocused and not as strong as it might have been via other hands.

We hear a lot, too, about what's been going on in Wisconsin and how the Kochs figured into this (I believe the election results are still coming on on this one--whoops, wrong: I 'm mixing the election up with the final debate between the candidates).  I would like to think that these evil (and I do not use that word lightly ) brothers are losing some of their power by having their deeds shown up for what they are and what they do to us 99 per centers. But who knows? Money continues to talk, walk, and chalk up a lot of victories. And the Kochs have plenty of the green stuff.

We shall see. Meanwhile, you can stream this documentary about their "work" now and decide for yourself. The film is available via Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and probably elsewhere, too.

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