Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chris Evans' charming directorial debut, BEFORE WE GO, hits Blu-ray, DVD & Digital

You may find yourself, as did TrustMovies, muttering now and again, "I don't buy that" as BEFORE WE GO, the directorial debut of Chris Evans and starring Mr. Evans and Alice Eve, takes off. Some of the set-up does seem a bit iffy, but hang on even a little while, and the characterizations (provided by screen-writers Ron Bass, Jen Smolka, Chris Shafer and Paul Viknair, from a story by Bass and Smolka) and the sterling performances given by Evans and Ms Eve will insure that you stick with this charming, funny and moving tale of love.

What proves most interesting about Before We Go is that the love here in mostly not between the characters played by Evans (at left) and Eve (below, right). Instead it's about the love each of them has for someone else. That this movie will prove such an "odd" love story should not surprise if you consider that screenwriter Bass also gave us My Best Friend's Wedding -- one of the all-time best (and surprisingly, most popular, too) off-kilter love stories Hollywood has yet produced.

Again, Bass and his crew are creating a tale of love in which that love includes everything from friendship, help and lust to heartache, hope and growth. The movie is mostly just these two people, whom we learn more and more about as the story progresses.

Along the way we're offered a not-bad rendition of My Funny Valentine for trumpet and voice, a walk through New York City's quiet middle-of-the-night streets, coffee in a tiny diner, a wedding party that includes the Evans' character's lost love (the gorgeous and charismatic Emma Fitzpatrick), and a odd and very lovely meeting with a smart psychic (played with great charm and believability by John Cullum).

That's mostly it. But as the relationship grows and changes, I think you'll find yourself hooked. This proves an auspicious directing debut for Evans (who performs with his usual low-key charm), while adding to Eve's gallery of bright, funny, moving and very appealing heroines.

Before We Go -- from Radius/TWC and Anchor Bay Entertainment and running just 95 minutes -- hits DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats today, Tuesday, November 3, for purchase or rental, 

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