Monday, January 11, 2016

A cheap 'n tasty treat for film buffs hits the street tomorrow--INDIEPIX MIX 10: VOL. 2

Normally TrustMovies prefers to rent rather than buy, these times and our economic situation being what they are. But very occasionally something appears that maybe warrants a purchase. Such a thing -- ten things, actually -- is the new INDIEPIX MIX 10: VOLUME 2, which will go on sale tomorrow, January 12, and contains some fine little films from the vault of Indiepix, one of the more unusual purveyors of independent movies from around the world. This new boxed set -- retailing for a mere $75 -- offers up ten films from the distributor, several of which I've covered in detail over the past few years. Here's a quick run-down of the entire set.

BHOPALI documents the experience of second generation children affected by the Union Carbide gas disaster of 1984, the worst industrial disaster in history.

DISARM spans a dozen countries to look at how, despite a global ban, millions of antipersonnel mines continue to claim victims daily in countries around the world.

ROAD TO THE BIG LEAGUES (RUMBO A LAS GRANDES LIGAS) offers up baseball in the Dominican Republic through the eyes of local kids playing with pebbles, as well as via the perspective of Dominican major league stars David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero.

THE NINE LIVES OF MARION BARRY What a life this guy had! It's over now (he died in 2014, and this excellent documentary was first released in 2009), but this movie remains as a record of his "history." Yikes!

SATELLITE - TrustMovies covered this very unusual and entertaining rom-com-cum-philosophy-and-parenting-fable a couple of years back. You can find his review here.

SO BRIGHT IS THE VIEW offers a fine Romanian drama told via nothing more than a group of conversations between characters that uncover a sad and all-too-real tale of family, the workplace, love and ongoing betrayal.

SOLDATE JEANNETTE (SOLIDER JANE)  Transgressive and oddball, this little movie about -- among other things -- our consumer culture is quite the naughty provocation. You can read my earlier review here.

THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS - The quest for a missing parent fuels this dark and devastating drama/thriller tale set in Mumbai.

WE LIVE IN PUBLIC -- As the social networks continue to suck us in, questions of personal privacy abound. This film documents ten years in the life of  Internet guru, artist, futurist and visionary Josh Harris. TM's earlier review is here.

WHITE SHADOW shows us the illegal but evidently flourishing trade in Albino body parts, as experienced by an Albino on the run.  My earlier review can be found here.

The $75 price tag may seem high, but consider that you're getting ten films in all, with each one selling separately from anywhere between $15 and $25. This means you're paying around $7.50 per DVD (plus tax). Click onto the website of Indiepix to learn more.

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