Friday, November 8, 2013

Streaming now: a small gem of loss and caring, Chris Eyre and Peter Vanderwall's HIDE AWAY

TrustMovies is traveling today so won't have much time for posting, hence this very brief reminder of a movie he covered a couple of years ago that is now among his most viewed posts and has received a large amount of comments: HIDE AWAY, the Josh Lucas starrer directed by Chris Eyre and written by Peter Vanderwall. This is a quiet, mysterious, beautifully crafted film that is a wonder to view, so beautiful are so many of its scenes and scenery. If you missed it during its brief theatrical run or on DVD, you can now catch it via Netflix streaming, and it is very much worth your time. Mr. Lucas continues to do exemplary work, and how good  to have another film from Mr Eyre, who long ago gave us the wonderful Smoke Signals. Simply for the sudden nighttime scene between Lucas and a frightened Casey LaBow (as the local market's check-out girl), the movie's a must-see. You can read my original review of the film here.

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