Friday, November 1, 2013

Stop and Frisk? Really? Who's stopping and frisking Wall Street & our sleazy banking system?

Yes, yes: I know it's not a movie, but maybe someone'll grab the idea and run with it. All this hoo-haw about stop and frisk and whether or not it's constitutional -- when all along we've been stopping and frisking the wrong guys. Whenever anyone mentions crime, the very first thing that ought to come to mind is: Wall Street and the banks. That's the really unconscionable and still-unpunished crime of our post-millennium (aside from the Bush regime's illegal war, of course).

Instead, at the dropping of the "C word, the first thing out of anyone's mouth is some neighborhood in Brooklyn or the Bronx. Witness the ridiculous interview that New York magazine ran with Mayor Bloomberg last month. At the mention of crime, sho 'nuff, back we go to the neighborhoods and all that puny, individual stuff. And the interviewer, as ever, didn't even raise an eyebrow, as though that was the only kind of crime anybody cares about. Our mayor should be run out of town on a rail for fomenting this kind of shit. Will Bill de Blasio be any different, really? We shall see.

So the next time you hear anybody mention crime, immediately chime in with "You mean Wall Street and the banks, right?" And if Stop and Frisk comes up, tell 'em who it is that actually needs to be stopped and frisked. Don't let the powers-that-be get away with this fakery over and over and over again. Start stopping and frisking the more important criminals now, via some genuine oversight of Wall Street and the banking system -- and just like the Mayor and the Police Department insist, "We'll catch 'em for the small stuff -- and that'll help prevent the big stuff."

I'll be back with more movies tomorrow.

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